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The first 25,000 child members will receive  one entry in a draw for USD$5,000 towards the child's education fund.
125 GreanCoins that can be used to buy Greanwold & GreanPal products from the online store opening Feb 1st. 2023.
The first 5,000 Members will also receive:

FREE First year membership.Value $83.90.
20% discount on all products while a member.
20 GreanCoins for every friend who joins and an annual bonus of 10% of  GreanCoin balance.

Children - Free Book - Language - Penpals 

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Parents: Each GreanCoin has a nominal value of one US dollar. GreanPal is expected to go online by February1st, 2023. The Greanwold / GreanPal store will be online by  February 1st, 2023. At that time, GreanCoins can be exchanged for 100% green products for kids and families. Every child's GreanCoin account will increase in value in several ways;

The GreanCoin fund balance will be earning a monthly investment return.
Will be bolstered at the end of each year by a contribution of up to 5% of the company's net revenues.
Children will be offered contests and competitions where they will win GreanCoins.
Every child who refers a friend who joins will receive free 20 GreanCoins.

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