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Children, anywhere in the world can learn a langauge on-line.
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My Minosaur friends and I teach kids
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On the GreanPal online friends system, kids can share with friends in other parts of the world, their favorite Minosaur or photo, toy or drawing.

They will be able to message and post links to their favorite game.

Using a built-in calendar, they can make call dates, all the above in a 100% secure system based on blockchain and with the permission and under the supervision of parents.

They can share birthdays, make cartoon cards, message and chat, share language learning and make friends for life. 

The GreanPal Friendship and Language Club for Kids is backed by a GREEN  cryptocurrency

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The aim of the GreanCoin program is to teach children the importance of saving money, how to learn the value of money and to actually grow their own investment account.  

All with parental supervision and parental authorization.

For each monthly payment,  a crypto coin called a GreanCoin will be deposited into a virtual wallet under the control of a parent. For each 12 month period, a child will accrue a total of 12 GreanCoins in the virtual wallet that will appreciate in value based on a to be finalized method or formula.

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The value of the GreanCoin may be determined as follows: a portion of the monthly membership fee to be deposited into a sinking fund account. The account will be managed by a financial manager who will invest in publicly traded “green” stocks. The company will also contribute a percentage of annual net revenue to the sinking fund. Therefore, the value is backed by the company.

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The company is also considering the impact of using the GreanCoin program for carbon offsets, product purchases or other savings programs.

All initiatives, however, must be part of a green program.


What Is Greanwold's World?

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Greanwold and his Minosaur friends are little dragon-like creatures from a long forgotten world. Discovered by a wanna-be Indiana Jones, (Keegan Clarke) an 8 year old adventurer , Greanwold and Keegan become best friends. The Minosaurs are great believers in kids, (future of the world) nature and fight against evil. There is lots of magic, fun, mystery, silliness (that kids love) wizardry, excitement and adventure.

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GreanPal is now taking pre-registrations with the reward of GREANCOINS * that will be available for use beginning May 2020 when the store goes online
 * Value is currently one USD.
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Parents and kids. Want to know more about  Greanwold,   Mr. Shama, Keegan, and Reywal?  Click on the button below and you can read the first Greanwold book, Greanwold and the  Mystery Cave free!

|Each week, we will post a  new chapter of the book for you to read. No registration. No costs. Just, if you like it, share it with friends.

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