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You N Me Productions Corp, a Canadian, Vancouver-based company is going online with an exciting new interactive website for kids ages 2 - 12 that will interest even the most jaded of internet-era parents.

Entitled the GreanPal Global Friendship Club, this is an online fun and educational website that enables children around the world to make friends with kids in other countries via video and audio interface, chat and messaging. It is the 21st century online "penpal system". Parents and grandparents who are old enough will remember the popularity of penpal-ism back in the 40s,50s, and 60s, well before the advent of the internet and cheap international phone calling.

Why online friends?  Kids are information sponges. They have an unbounded curiosity about just about everything. Studies have shown, children who are provided open learning and unlimited access to information about the world, other cultures, how kids in other parts of the world live, grow up with a better than normal chance of being well-adjusted empathetic adults. They have more friends, have greater earning power and are much more self-sufficient.

GreanPal and the  Minosaur Friends is not a solution-based program. It is an add-on to a child's daily life not just for children but for parents as well. 

Just think of the value, not just for today but for the future. Friends made today can last through to adulthood. There is nothing like visiting a foreign country knowing people who live there. It makes a world of difference not being just another tourist.

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Your child or children will learn about different cultures and ways of living through friendships all around the world, friendships that that will last through to adulthood.

They can learn a new language or languages online and practice speaking a new language with their online friends.
A portion of every monthly or annual membership payment will be deposited into a special saving fund account for each member that will accrue in value and be used for travel, education or green products for kids and families. 
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Children connecting around the world to gain an understanding of how other children live. Perhaps developing friendships that will last into adulthood. Learning more about empathy and lessening cultural misunderstandings. Learning one, two or more languages and at the same time, learning more about money, investing, saving and sharing. And, overall, learning more about what makes this world tick and the importance of conservation.


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