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All the books on this page are available in all E-book formats (Kindle, E-Pub, PDF, etc.) to download to all mobile devices including I-Pads, tablets and smart phones for kid's reading enjoyment.

The purchase of any Greanwold and his friends E-book through Smashwords provides the buyer with the following benefits for their child on the forthcoming GreanPal platform for children.



New members through Smashwords will receive 150 GreanCoins that can be used to buy Greanwold & GreanPal products from the online store planned opening for October 1st. 2023. GreanCoin Value: $15.00
Members will also receive:

2x 100,000 GreanCion Entries
First-year free membership in the GreanPal PenpalClub  Value: $95.50

TOTAL VALUE: $110.50

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GreanPal & Greanwold T-Shirts
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The Minosaur Book Series

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The OceanPark Book Series

AAAParker and Uncle Billy's Ghost Google+.jpg
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The Bumble & Tuck Series

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Bumble and Tuck Book Cover 2.jpg


To create your child's GreanPal membership, please click on the Smashword button and you will be taken to the site where you select your book.


Once your purchase is complete, please return to this page and click on the registration button. Enter the details as prompted. You will need your Smashwords purchase number and once registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation from us within 24 hours.


Please note: Only a single membership purchase, irrespective of the purchase dollar amount and number of E-books purchased.

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