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What is a GreanCoin?

Greanwold's GreanCoin is a virtual currency, a reward and loyalty program that can be used on the GreanPal and Greanwold's World websites to buy family and children's products.  Your children's GreanCoin account can be accessed at any time and serves a number of purposes, encouraging children to learn how money is earned, how it can be saved, and how to spend wisely. From each monthly membership fee paid, 10% is reimbursed as GreanCoin and deposited into the member's GreanCoin account. At the end of each member's year of membership, the Company will contribute a matching number of GreanCoins to the member's account.  IE: If at the end of 12 months of paid-up membership, a member's account has a balance of 20 GreanCoins,  another 20 GreanCoins will be added to create a balance of 40 GreanCoins.

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The first 10,000 children who are registered on or before January 31st, 2024 with the GreanPal Language & Friendship Club will participate in a draw for One Hundred Thousand GreanCoins. The draw will be held in February 2024, exact date to be announced *

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GreanCoins are deposited into a password-protected online wallet and can be used to purchase Greanwold merchandise with special savings for members. However, if a member continues membership for two consecutive years, their GreanCoins become vested and can be exchanged for cash or transferred into an education fund. *  Members will also be provided with the opportunity to earn GreanCoins through the GreanPal referral program, contests, and other incentive programs.  

* Certain limitations may apply. 

Greanwold's GreanCoins teach children the value of money! 

The Greancoin reward program is designed to teach children the connection between effort and reward as well as the importance of saving. The GreanCoin can also be used as a way for children to contribute to a sustainable future and be rewarded for doing so. Details on carbon offsets and other green initiatives to come. 

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An incentive program is being built into GreanCoin to encourage children to save and to be ambassadors for the GreanPal and Greanwold platforms. Children will be able to earn, save and learn the value of money, under the watchful eyes of parents. For more details, please see GreanCoins under Terms and Conditions.

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GreanCoin Incentive Program
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